The Monster Quilt…

And here it is, my first corset! I spent a delightful weekend learning how to make a corset. Ok I know saying ‘delightful’ is probably very old-fashioned of me but there really is no other word to describe it. Lovely surroundings, lovely teacher and lovely people. I’ve been thinking about doing corsetry for a while now as it seemed like a natural progression from my lingerie course. And as luck would have it, I found a course really close to my parent’s house whilst i’m having some time off!

So I signed up and a few weeks later I found myself on a beginner’s corsetry course in lovely Oxfordshire taught by Julia who runs Sew Curvy Corsetry and who blogs over at House of Marmalade. I’d actually bought an underbust corset kit from Sew Curvy earlier in the year but still hadn’t got around to making it up, I’ve been putting it off because I thought it was just too difficult. Well, not only can I report that it isn’t impossible but it’s actually really satisfying and extremely enjoyable. Firstly you hardly use any fabric and secondly – who doesn’t like seeing their waist disappear??

We used an underbust corset pattern that Julia had drafted for us and then we were all given our corset kits – all beautifully wrapped up in pink tissue paper and ribbon with our names on – it felt like my birthday!

I’m really pleased with the finished item – whilst I don’t really have much need for an underbust corset in my wardrobe – I do want to learn how to draft and make my own overbust corset. I already have lots of ideas in my head… My current fabric obsession is sandblasted silk and I am already imagining the possibilities!

I especially love how well the pleated fabric works with the corset design! Not so keen on some of my wonky grommets but I think with practice I’ll get better.

3 thoughts on “The Monster Quilt…

  1. Laura says:

    Well done! This looks great, and the pleated fabric really does work beautifully. I’m halfway through my first corset at the moment, hope it’s not too late to add a waist stay!

  2. redslippers says:

    right- THIS WEEKEND (just shouting at myself) i’m going to finish it!! will be very cool to see progress on your future corsets. x flo

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