It’s been a while…

I looked over to see when I last posted and couldn’t believe it was back in March! In truth, I haven’t done much sewing lately. I just haven’t had the energy or the desire to do anything. I’ve started things and then put them aside. I’ve still been buying fabric and pattern magazines, silently cursing my lack of economy when I should be using what I’ve got and not buying more. But I’m a sucker for beautiful fabrics and the magazines, well I buy them to inspire me and then don’t get round to doing anything!

The last few months I’ve been busy working away on my postgrad course, so it’s left me with little time or motivation to start anything when I should be knuckling down and doing my academic work. I find sewing so all-consuming and distracting that I think it’s best to leave it when other things need to be done. Still, I haven’t been completely idle…

I’ve learnt basic corsetry pattern cutting and developed this pattern/toile for myself. I am really chuffed with the result and cannot wait to get started on making it up.

I finished a swimwear course in April that I had been doing at Morley college. I met such fantastic and inspiring people, it was really sad to finish it. I ended up making this sexy little vintage style leopard print number…

That’s all for now as I really have some other work to be getting on with but normal service should resume shortly 🙂

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