That’s Quilting fantabulous!

Don’t get too excited and I know it’s been a while in the making… *cough* *cough* ahem, since February last year to be precise…. (as blogged here and here). However, i’m pretty darn chuffed! I finished my one and only quilt! Now I know that some quilters on the web can churn out their quilts at an alarming rate and even my friend Jamie puts me to shame with the amount he’s made so far and we both attended the same quilting course…

But it’s ok, because my mum still hasn’t finished hers! And that is now over thirty years old 🙂 Like mother, like daughter I suppose!! Although in defence of my mum, hers is ALL hand sewn!!


My mum saw my quilt on the bed when she came down to stay the other weekend and I quote my mum “I wish you hadn’t put your quilt on the bed Freya, now your father is going to be wondering when I’m going to finish mine!” – I love my mum!!

The quilt is a mixture of Liberty print fabrics obtained from Fabrics Galore, some left over remnants from other projects and some vintage kimono fabrics I bought on eBay years ago. The batting is made from bamboo –  natural and antibacterial – it has a lovely handle and feel. I machine quilted three different sized stars across the entire quilt. (Note to self, do not do this in future – It took forever!) I’m not sure if you are going to be able to see much of the stars as the lighting isn’t so great and the patterns are pretty busy. But you can just about make it out…


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