Corsetry Fun :-)

Something else that I made recently which I know I should definitely have photographed but forget to, is a lovely little chemise slip I made for my friend Sophie’s birthday. It’s a lovely thigh length, v necked silk satin slip with black lace trim to the top in a beautiful muted mulberry/grape colour. Sophie had complained that she had a new dress that was short and slightly sheer that she needed a slip for. She hadn’t been able to find a suitable slip for it. And as she’s been such a good friend to me I knew I could easily make one for her. I find it really rewarding making something for somebody that really appreciates your efforts.

This brings me onto my real subject; discussing at work the other day what we were doing for Christmas presents this year. I piped up with the notion that I might make all of mine this year – not exactly a new notion amongst most sewer-bloggers out there but I’ve never really got round to it because of time and motivation. Imagine my horror, when my colleague calls me a ‘cheap skate’ for wanting to make all of my presents… Erm…. ok…. But I would just like to make this point:-

La Perla Maison Lace Trimmed Camisole as featured on Net-A-Porter £335 (Sorry I can’t get this picture much bigger).



My camisole making abilities as featured here – for a fraction of the price…

Lingerie Collection

So, ‘cheap skate’ that I am (Can you tell how annoyed I am by this label??!!), I am making my friend Kate a corset for her Christmas present! And making corsets aren’t exactly cheap – And I’m only talking materials here and not even including labour! Bespoke corsets can cost in the region of £700 plus… (I’m not claiming that I have that ability, but I’m just stating that that is how much it can cost.) Also, whilst I would like to say how philanthropic I am for making this corset for my friend, I would be remiss if I didn;t say there wasn’t something in it for me – building up a portfolio of work for myself and developing my skills in pattern cutting and corsetry construction. So here begins the journey of Kate’s corset:-

Pattern Cutting a la Handmade by Freya – Pint of water, Catch up TV on Ipad and my trusty Frixion pen and patternmasters….


Toile number 1: I really like the shape that the corset is giving Kate here. We decided on a sweetheart neckline for Kate. This corset is going to be more of a boudoir corset rather than one to be worn outside over clothes. The corset needed a little bit of taking in at the side seams to lose a little bit of the bagginess there and a little from the bottom front hip side seam. We’ve so far managed to avoid the dreaded over corset bra band bulge – I hope you know what I mean by this!!

I’ve already taken off 3 to 4″ from her initial measurements for this toile but I can see that she is going to need more, the corset is nearly closed and in fact it wouldn’t have been difficult for me to close the gap when I pulled it closer. Again, a little bagginess at the top needs to be addressed, you can see this on the top right hand corner. Not bad for a first toile though, now back to the drawing board 🙂


6 thoughts on “Corsetry Fun :-)

  1. Anne W says:

    Ooo, I share your outrage at being called a cheapskate!! Some people just have absolutely no idea! I love the look of that corset, the neckline is great.

  2. jamie says:

    I am LOVING the resurection of the blog Freya and two posts in two days you are really spoiling us. I too and home making Christmas this year, its so much fun xx

  3. Catharina Kirk says:

    People who call you cheap skate are exactly that! They have no idea how much i costs to make things yourself… I live in South Africa and am thinking of baking biscuits to give as gifts… I had to buy cocoa poweder and to my horror i found thaT two cups of cocoa is R50.00. To make one batch of chocolate biscuits i need one cup of cocoa… Our electricity has and is going up with 16% per year for who know how many years… It works out cheaper to buy biscuits and wrap it up pretty… BUT… BUT because we a poeple who work with our hand and love with our hearts and give with our hearts, we do not buy that packet of buicuits and wrap it up pretty and give it as a gift, because WE ARE NOT CHEAP SKATE!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sally says:

    That corset looks fantastic. As for the cheap skate thing, I don’t bother making things for half the people I know for that very reason – I know they won’t appreciate a beautiful, thoughtful gift just because its homemade so I save my time and talent for those who do appreciate a good thing when they see it!

  5. Maryanne says:

    Can’t wait to see the progress on this piece
    Thanks for sharing, each blog is a teaching tool for the rest of us
    Don’t worry about the comment, she is just jealous of your skills
    She secretly wants to be on your list for the holidays!!

  6. 5currantbuns says:

    I don’t blame you for being annoyed by the label “cheap skate” and I think your colleagues don’t have a proper value system. Making something, anything means giving your time to someone else and in a busy world, giving your time to make something is actually more valuable than clicking with a mouse and letting your credit card hand over the money or handing money over at a till.

    Aside from the time aspect, I’ve seen a bit of what you create first hand and anyone should feel honoured to get something that has been Handmade by Freya

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