20th Century Corsetry Part 2…

I feel like introducing this post as “Hello, my name is Freya and I am obsessed with corsets…” rather like in some sort of Alcoholics Anonymous meeting because I seem to only every post about corsets these days! Well, I suppose that would be like saying I had some sort of problem. And since when is sewing a problem? NEVER!!

Anyway, it’s sunday evening and I am having the sunday evening blues – I have just spent a fantastic weekend with such lovely, inspiring ladies that share the same interest in making corsets as me and it is now all over. Back to reality and the 9 to 5 job in the morning. But to recap: here’s what I did this weekend – I did another toile this time with boning and adjusted the fit. Here’s me looking pretty happy about it:


And from the side on. You probably can’t see it here but my bust looks a little bit ‘Madonna-esque’ and by ‘Madonna-esque’, I mean pointy boobs as in the 1980s cone bras…. Don’t worry, it got sorted! Phew!  Because I really don’t want to be sued for having somebody’s eye out with my pointy boobs…


And from the back – so  we all sewed in the modesty panel at the CB and fitted it but it wasn’t till right at the end that I said to my teacher, so as I’m putting hooks and eyes in, why I have fitted panel 7 like that, I don’t have a CB seam. What can I say? I certainly have my dizzy moments! Anyway you live and you learn.

So, one way to sort that out is to split the panel and add that half to the next panel, making that one large panel. But of course, I never make things easy for myself. I had already cut out my pattern before I mentioned it and I have a minimal amount of fabric left to play with. So my only option is to split this back panel and then add seam allowance to that, so I will have two extra panels in the back compared to the original design. Well, I’ll just chalk that up to experience and call it a design modification shall I?


And the winning fabric combination for my corset is this lovely fabric remnant that I got from a remnants bin. I am very happy with how it’s looking at the moment! Seriously I cannot wait to finish it, tomorrow at work is going to be hard when I am daydreaming about this…


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