Blue Floral Corset – Finished Pictures…


In all honesty this corset has been more or less finished for the last couple of months but I messed up the bias binding on one side of it and had to re-do that, something that I kept putting off. When you spend so much time on one garment, it seems such a shame not to try to finish it off as best you can. And, I also needed to order some lovely blue ribbon for the ties at the back. The ratty looking laces I use for fitting, simply won’t do :-).



Overall I’m really pleased with it. This is my first overbust corset and the first time I’ve constructed a corset from 3 layers. I love love the result of all that hard work I did on the pattern matching however there are quite a few bits I would change: I don’t like the shape round the bust and it definitely needs to be longer and give me more coverage! The thing is in the back of my mind I knew that the shape wasn’t quite right and didn’t do anything about it. Also, even though I made the pattern to accommodate my length, it isn’t enough, I feel like the corset is too short and therefore the bust cups are too low, hence I’m a bit too over-exposed there…


Also next time, I would like to add length to the bottom as well so that it comes down to my hips – I think this would suit my figure better as I am particularly apple-shaped and my tummy protrudes quite a bit. You can see it more from the side, the overexposed boobs and whilst the corset nips me in at the waist it pushes it all out to the front. Maybe it would be different with a longer corset?


Lastly – it is so difficult putting on a corset by yourself and trying to get the laces to go equally down the side and the floating panel in place! I definitely don’t think it fits me as well as when I first drafted it, which is definitely a lesson in making things up quickly after you’ve drafted the pattern before you have any further weight fluctuations!! Perhaps the fitting problems will go away if I lose 2 inches? 🙂

Next time, I also think that I will make the back panel wider. I followed the basic directions in Julia Bremble’s book: Corset Making for Beginners to Intermediates but it seems a bit narrow to me. The book though, if anyone is interested, is a fantastic resource and I would thoroughly recommend it.


Outer Fabric: Soft Floral Printed Coutil

Inner: White Cotton Herringbone Coutil

Lining: Blue Cotton Twill

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