Ella’s Quilt

When I finished my Super King Size quilt last year, I said to myself – ‘I will never make a quilt, EVER AGAIN!!’. Or for a long time at least….

Well – that was until my boss became pregnant and suddenly my work colleagues (who until this point were completely non plussed about my sewing abilities) suddenly thought something nice and homemade would be just the right ticket for her baby shower (alternatively they may have been thinking it would be super cheap too!). I didn’t help the cause by casually saying something along the lines of ‘oh, a baby quilt, that’s so easy, that wouldn’t take me too long’ despite having pretty much no free time to take on projects like this at the moment!

Actually, the making of the quilt didn’t take too long. But the choosing of the fabrics and the planning of the pattern did. I ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ for ages. After googling baby quilts, I came across a really easy and quick pattern – the disappearing 9 patch quilt. Essentially, it’s a block of 3 squares by 3 squares sewn together which you then cut back into 4 squares. These squares then form the blocks of your quilts and you can assemble them any which way you want.

The quilting was super easy, I just machined straight lines using my walking foot on my machine. It’s only taken me about 3 years to work out how to use this thing and now that I do, I’m a convert! I chose a natural cotton batting for the quilting as I always choose something 100% natural like bamboo or cotton.


I started off trying to use fabrics from my stash and not buy much more, however I didn’t seem to have many ‘baby’ appropriate shades & fabrics. So in the end I was forced to go looking in the shops where I found FAR too many naff fabrics for children!

As my boss didn’t know what the sex of her baby was going to be, my design brief was unisex but not neutral. Even when I finished it, apparently it was still deemed too girly. Seriously, you can never please people! (Although luckily, my boss has just delivered a healthy beautiful baby girl called Ella! :-)).

My favourite part of the quilt, which you can’t see very clearly unfortunately is the pale green polka dot binding. The backing is white cotton drill that has been in my stash for years (Hooray! finally something I used from my stash!)


Ultimately, the only person that mattered was my boss and she absolutely adored it! Job done 🙂 She was so touched that I had spent the time to hand make her something – you know, that’s when it really is rewarding making things for other people.

And finally we ate cake! 🙂 My boss treated us to a Rainbow cake from Hummingbird Bakery.  Which was truly scrumptious!


It got demolished pretty quickly….


2 thoughts on “Ella’s Quilt

  1. jamie logan says:

    oh Freya, this takes me back to that wonderful quilting course we did together which got us both hooked on quilting! LOVE it and the cake looks amazing.

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