Stripey Tilly Coco Dress

Another Coco!

I love how easy and simple this dress is! And it is the perfect casual, relaxed but still pretty smart dress to wear at the weekends…. Nice and stretchy when stuffing your face with a yummy Sunday Roast in the local pub…. (Yep, I’ve already tried that…)

Anyway, Tilly is a genius for designing the pattern but I think we already knew that… (and if you didn’t – it’s the Coco dress by Tilly and the Buttons).

Stripey Tilly Coco Dress

Oh and if you are wondering where my awesome heels are from, they’re from Clark’s! So comfortable and flattering – seriously I hadn’t been to Clark’s since approximately the last time I needed to buy school shoes. I was pleasantly surprised by their shoes!

Stripey Tilly Coco DressI opted to go without the pockets as I’m naturally an apple shape, pockets that are placed near my midriff do me no favours! The fabric is a striped black and white viscose knit. Not sure if it was double knit or not but it’s fairly stable and quite warm.

Stripey Tilly Coco Dress

(Apologies for the black underwear…)

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