Psychedelic Fabric Giveaway

So I was going to show off another creation…. But guess what? Winter’s here and the light is officially rubbish for taking good photos, so unless I have a chance to do it at the weekends, I just can’t get it done….  Oh yeah, I also can’t take them when I leave my camera on and drain the battery…. but that’s another story 🙂

Oh well, here’s a sneak peek – Any guesses what the pattern is? I’d be impressed if you could guess it from this picture though!


So instead of a completed garment, I’m going to give this away:- Some left over polyester satin fabric that to be honest is far too psychedelic for anything that I would ever make but might bring joy to somebody else (courtesy of my friend Jamie). And whoever wins this lot – I would love to see pictures of what you do actually make with this :-). (Green remnant is roughly 11ocm by 85cm and the black remnant is roughly 145cm x 55cm).

Polyester Satin Print


2 thoughts on “Psychedelic Fabric Giveaway

  1. 5currantbuns says:

    Having started several posts forward and work back can I say that I like your WIP now its completed (even if you are slightly underwhelmed !), in respect of your fabric though, maybe you could use it as the lining for a bag ?

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