Style Arc, Maggie Shirt

The Style Arc Maggie…


Style Arc, Maggie Shirt

This is the Style Arc Maggie shirt and it’s the first Style Arc pattern that I’ve tried. This is the kind of shirt that I normally love – loose and baggy, perfect over a pair of skinny jeans.

Judging by my face, you can tell I’m not 100% Enamoured…

Style Arc, Maggie Shirt

Ok – it’s not that bad and I’m not that grumpy…. Well, not normally unless I haven’t had a cup of tea and you’re talking to me less than an hour after I’ve woken up.

Whilst the pattern is printed on nice thick paper, the instructions are scant. So if putting in a shirt placket puts the fear into you, I’d probably avoid this pattern until you’ve tried a pattern with more comprehensive instructions. I’m not a beginner sewist, I’ve put in plackets before and when I followed the instructions even I was scratching my head. I’m not sure about their method to do the front pleat/placket but hey, it’s wearable and I don’t care that much. I’ll probably make it again and vary it slightly.

I made up the shirt in a white spun viscose and added a random 4 inches to the shirt but actually could have got away with adding less.

And hey look, it’s another item of clothing in white!! Looks like I’m on a roll here… Anyone want to bet the colour of the next item I make? Funnily enough, I can tell you that it’s not that hard…


2 thoughts on “The Style Arc Maggie…

  1. Nancy Weisbein says:

    I’m a pretty seasoned sewer but this pattern threw me for a loop.
    Based on the fact that I don’t see any tutorials and I didn’t get an answer from the company, I’m going to scrap this one and start something else.

    Thanks for your review! I think the shirt looks great on you!

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