Ciment Pleating, Haberdashery and Tailoring supplies London

Tailoring and bespoke sewing services in the UK

These days, we’re a bit spoiled for choice by the tonnes of lovely online fabric and haberdashery shops that it’s almost a bit hard to know where to look for things. And whilst I know exactly where to go for my everyday dressmaking supplies, if you’re wanting something a little bit more specialist like tailoring or corsetry supplies – it gets a lot harder…

But on the subject of tailoring, here are a few excellent sites I’ve come across recently that are great for sourcing more unusual dressmaking and tailoring supplies.

Bernstein & Banley’s aka The Lining Company

Apart from a bit of an annoying YouTube video that starts playing as soon as you hit their products page (seriously, when will companies learn!!) – this site sells pretty much everything you need to make a suit – a range of linings (good place to source bemberg linings in the UK) and a broad range of interlinings. *Update – and very friendly customer service according to Anne from Compulsive Seamstress *.

Bernstein & Banley, Haberdashery, Tailoring supplies, London

Kenton Trimmings – They have shop near Notting Hill and Queen’s Park but are online too.

This shop stocks everything you need to make a suit with lots of interesting different haberdashery like Melton under collars. I’m assuming that’s like a contrasting piece of fabric under a collar? I love a colour pop! Perhaps it’s time I planned a coat with a hot pink under collar…

Where to buy tailoring supplies, undercollar wool

Gill Arnold – Again, thank you to Anne for letting me know about this one! You can get a range of interfacings and interlinings here. And she also offers starter tailoring kits!

Gill Arnold, Tailoring supplies, UK

Looking for buttons, belts and button covering services?

D M Buttons, Central London – You don’t have to be a big fashion company to get buttonholes and buttons covered for you. If you pop in, this little place will do buttonholes while you wait and you can send your buttons in via  post to be covered.

DM Buttons, Tailoring Haberdashery supplies London

Harlequins – Mail order button and belt covering service. Send in your fabric (and no broken needles on my sewing machine later) and you get perfect belts back in the post. They also make up rouleau loops – definitely something I’d get someone else to do!


Harlequin, Tailoring Haberdashery supplies London

I tried harlequin a few years ago after trying to make my own belts and not liking the results. So I sent in my fabric and my buckle and below is what I got back – beautiful!

McCall's M5525


Taylor’s Buttons, Central London – Buttons, Button Covering Service, bespoke belt and buckle covering service

Taylors buttons, Tailoring and Haberdashery supplies LondonAnother little find, this shop is based in central London but also have a mail order service for button covering! 

The Button Queen, Central London – Another shop catering in buttons and who also do a button covering service – which you can do via mail order!

Button queen, tailoring and haberdashery supplies london

Lastly (and not leastly) – Ciment Pleating

Yep, you can send in fabric to be pleated 🙂 Did you know it takes 3m of fabric to make 1m of pleated fabric?!

Ciment Pleating, Haberdashery and Tailoring supplies London


Know any other companies that should be on this list? Let me know!

n.b. I am in no way affiliated to any of these shops, nor have I received any kickbacks from the companies mentioned.

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Paris Haberdashery

A little Trip to Paris…

Last week sort of blew my mind. Going back to work this morning is going to be a crushing blow to reality… I just wish I had some more pictures to show you.


Last week I met some awesome people who love sewing just as much as I do, if not more and spent time doing what we’re good at – Shopping! So, I probably thought I’d been restrained, but hey, who am I kidding?

I shared a bijoux Paris apartment with crazy disco lighting and chandeliers in every room with the fabulous EmmieTillyLauren and Kelly.

I got to meet so many amazing sewcialists/spoolettes/awesome people in general: CarmenNicoleJoostRhiannonJulie JoLisaClare and Tania.

I always get really nervous meeting people who I don’t know and feel really awkward but people were so welcoming and lovely. Just another reason why I love sewing so much!


This trip would not have been possible if it were not for the extraordinary efforts of Carmen who organised personalised goody bags for us all and a discount at the Coupon Shop St Pierre. Plus Julie from Jolie Bobines who took us on a walking trip of Paris. And to Tilly, for if she hadn’t mentioned it to me, I wouldn’t have gatecrashed this trip in the first place!

Thank you to: Maison Sajou, Ma Petite Mercerie, Peace and Wool, La manufacture Bohin,, Atelier Brunette and Coupon Shop St Pierre.

Then to top it all off, more sewing fun on Sunday at Tilly Towers with Tilly, Lauren, Emmie, Roisin, Jane and Karen.

Sunday Sew-in

A photo posted by Tilly Walnes (@tillybuttons) on Nov 11, 2014 at 6:41am PST

Wow, what an awesome week and I feel blessed that I met so many awesome people!

Top 5 Goals



I actually couldn’t think of 5 reflections for 2013 as they are all sort of mixed in with my goals. So I thought I’d write a combined post.

I think in reflection, my most important reflection would be that I still hadn’t found that elusive work/life/hobby balance in 2013. It’s hard isn’t it? I would like to have been more productive but in the end you can’t really beat yourself up about it. The only person you are accountable to is yourself anyway.


1Not to make any damn New Year’s Resolutions this year…. Because I’ll break them anyway.


2Finish things off. Stop things hanging around for eternity in an unfinished state and actually wear them. GET RID OF THE BOX OF SHAME!

And for those of you who want to know what that looks like exactly – here it is…

UFO box

3I want to be more organised – both in my personal life and work life. I definitely want a more organised wardrobe. I guess I’m still hankering after a capsule wardrobe but it’s more than that. I want my clothes to work with each other and have a more cohesive wardrobe… I actually want to be able to wear 80% of my wardrobe rather than only 20%.


Image from

4No surprises here… but I will be making more lingerie this year….


5And oh yeah – I’ll be trying to earn an income from it!  So I’m kind of hoping that that will definitely be a success. And of course, I will let all of you lovely people know how I get on!

Top 4 Misses of 2013….



I actually didn’t make enough in 2013 to have 5… which is a positive thing until I start remembering the actual misses of 2013 for me!

4 The Colette Laurel Dress – I made this tunic shift dress thing and I made it too Effing small 🙂 hence un petit desastre. I occasionally cram myself into the floral number but have not worn the black & white version as I still haven’t hemmed it… Completely unmotivated to finish it.

Colette laurel

3 Blue floral corset – despite being really happy with my pattern matching, it all comes down to fit. A few weight fluctuations between drafting the corset and making it up and the fit sucks… Such a shame.



My Mum’s tunic coat dress thing – from a Burda Pattern – I’m not keen and did a rubbish job on the inside seams. I guess my mum likes it but I know it’s not my best effort.



My endless list of UFO’s – including my friend’s corset and the box of shame. Named so because I found a box big enough to put all of my UFO’s in and then promptly hid it under my bed. And that darn corset, still a year in the making. I lost enthusiasm after an incident involving silk, the over eager use of fray-stop and an indelible stain. Haven’t had the heart to cut out another pattern piece to be honest.

Oh, look, another UFO…. (This is supposed to be a wearable toile of Papercut Patterns’ Sylphide Blouse)

Started and did not finish this Papercut Patterns wearable Toile

Started and did not finish this Papercut Patterns wearable Toile

My Top Fives of 2013


I love this time of the year, when I read about everybody’s sewing highlights and lowlights. I’ve always loved me a good old summary 🙂 it’s like reading the cliff notes for sewing blogs. A big Thank You to Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow for starting the ball rolling…

I didn’t think I’d have much to contribute as in my opinion I’ve not blogged much nor made much. But looking back I’ve done more than I thought.

My Highlights for 2013 were:

1. Visiting the garment district, New York

Ok, that’s not strictly a make but it is certainly a highlight! I’ve been to NYC before but never since I got serious about sewing. What can I say? I have literally considered applying for a green card…

The rows upon rows of haberdashery in the shops had me breaking out in a cold sweat as I tightly clutched onto my credit card.


2. Bra Making – I got back into making bras and remembered how fun and satisfying it was.


3. Roses corset – not sure what I love most about this corset – that it fits really well or that the outer fabric cost me £2 in the remnants bin! Ok, I haven’t worn it at all but it’s a corset and I can’t really wear it to work nor for a casual trip down to the pub. But you know what, I don’t really care!


4. The Anna Dress – Great pattern, easy to make plus kimono sleeves. Love it! You can’t really go wrong with it.


5. Deer & Doe Belladonne dress – I’m pretty happy with the fit on this dress and have worn it to work a few times too.


Survival Art!

Last weekend I headed on over to Somerset house for the School for Creative Start Up’s Showcase (phew! That was a mouthful!!). It’s a year-long business programme for creatives interested in starting their own business led by a guy called Doug Richard who some may remember from the UK version of Dragon’s Den. Well, the showcase is an opportunity for graduates of that programme to show their wares to the general public. The amount of talented people all under one roof was mind-blowing and inspirational! From people who designed latex lingerie to concept furniture and music festivals, it was pretty diverse!

Now you’re probably reading this and thinking well, what does this all have to do with sewing and fabric? Well, I am getting there I promise! Being a sewer, one stand in particular caught my eye and it was called Survival Arts. Survival Arts produce fabric that is inspired by endangered species in order to promote their endangered status’ to the public. I love the concept behind this and I am pretty enamoured of their designs – Mainly because I’ve been obsessed with bumblebees since I was little! Seriously, if I could have a bee hive in my garden on my roof or in my garden I would! Don’t you think this is a great idea? They’re only a start-up at the moment, so they’re not in shops yet but I think they are working on that!


Wouldn’t this one be great as a tea dress? (I’m really impressed that an 8 year old designed this fabric!)


They are also running a fabric design competition, so if you are interested, have a look over here.