Instagram Flash Sale, Elise Patterns

Flash Instagram Sale on Saturday!

Instagram Flash Sale,  Elise Patterns

Date: Saturday 14th Feb
Time: 12 noon GMT
Hashtag: #Freyasflashsale

A little announcement just to let you all know I’m going to be having a flash sale of patterns and fabric on Saturday! (I’ve never done this, so this could end up being a complete disaster!)

I’m putting up a range of things from my stash – mostly vintage sewing patterns and fabric as I’m hoping to raise funds for my business (Elise Patterns) to enable me to get the next stage of my business under way. (Oh, and you’ll be freeing up space in my flat!)

It’s pretty simple really – just follow me on instagram (/elisepatterns) and when you see something you like – message me or comment and let me know if you want to buy something!

Pattern Sale, Instagram Sale, vintage sewing patterns

Here’s a little preview of the vintage sewing patterns available – mostly 60s, 70s and 80s

All the pictures will have the same hashtag, so it will be easy to see what’s coming up.

Please share this post or tweet details of the flash sale to as many people as you know
🙂 thanking you kindly in advance.

Instagram Flash sale, #Freyasflashsale, vintage fabric

Here’s a little preview of the vintage fabric on offer – there’s quite a bit of high quality silk, in good lengths and if the colours don’t immediately grab you, don’t forget silk takes dye beautifully!

Please note: the person buying will need to cover the cost of shipping. Pricing of items are open to best offers/or nearest offer (ono).

Instagram sale, #Freyasflashsale, vintage bias binding

October in Pictures…

And if you haven’t yet filled out my awesome quick survey on Lingerie sewing patterns and you would like to you can fill it in by clicking on the link below, thank you! Basically I need to get as many responses as I can, so if you know of anyone that likes to sew clothes then pass it on, please!! Thank you!

Click here or on on the pop up.

Afternoon Tea…

What’s one of the best things about living in London? Why, Afternoon Tea of course! I love Afternoon Tea, it’s always such a treat.

Yesterday I was treated to a fabulous afternoon tea from my friend. London is full of great and unusual places to have Tea. One such place is the Prêt-à-Portea at the Berkeley for Fashionistas. Well, I’m not much of a fashionista, but I do enjoy fashion and I love cake!

Each little cake and biscuit is based on one of this season’s key pieces. And the cakes and biscuits are changed in line with the fashion seasons, so here we have the A/W 2012 collection served on Paul Smith fine bone china…

This season’s Burberry Trench Coat…

And if you still have room in your tummy, you get these cute little takeaway handbags to take home…

If you do find yourself in London and at a loss of things to do, I would definitely recommend coming here with some of your girlfriends (but do remember to book in advance). It’s a great way to while away an afternoon nattering away. A plus side for the Berkeley is that for your set price, your tea and cake are unlimited. The plates are refilled as many times as you can manage! (Which is not always the case in other establishments.)

Welcome to my new shop!!

So, I have bitten the bullet and am setting up my own Etsy shop! Yay! Cue excitement! Well, actually the truth is, my mother has been pestering me for the past two months about how much stuff I have and that I really should try and sell some of it off. So finally, I relented and with the commencement of my community nursing studies (very exciting but financially burdening), I have to agree that just like that very famous supermarket slogan points out – “Every Penny Counts!”.

My shop is called Miss Tricot’s Vintage Finds and you can find it here. I am selling off Vintage Sewing patterns, vintage clothes and a few bits and pieces of vintage haberdashery!

So without further ado here are the trials and tribulations of setting up shop on Etsy so far:

I took ages deciding on my shop name – as your username for Etsy is your shop name! A little bit annoying as I had to cancel my first account because it wouldn’t have made a very good shop name. Using ‘Handmade by Freya’ would have been a little deceptive if I wasn’t actually selling things that I made. So I settled with Miss Tricot – because I like French words and I love lingerie. You use a lot of tricot in lingerie. (Just in case you were wondering!)


I’ve packaged and labelled up all my patterns

I really admire people that sell prolifically on places like Etsy and eBay. Pricing things up, working out the postage, working out your shop policies, taking good pictures and packaging up your products. It’s not easy and it takes up so much time!! I’ve done the old eBay thing quite a few times but it is such a hassle!! I decided to try Etsy for a change but I’m not sure which one is the best to be honest.

I’m not even particularly sure if my prices are right, they probably aren’t because nothing has sold yet! Anyway, this is strictly a one off short term venture for me. Once I’ve got rid of the stuff that I’ve listed, I am certainly not going out and finding more things to sell – there is too little time in my life to sew as it is!

(I’ve gone a little overboard with postage and packaging supplies…)

And If any of you do fancy taking a look at my Etsy shop that would be wonderful and I really would appreciate any feedback! And if you do fancy buying anything, i’m offering all my readers a 10% off discount code – just type in LITTLEBLACKCAT – and the discount will be applied to your bill!


Inspiration: Madeleine Vionnet…

I have been having a wonderful few weeks off recently and whilst I had envisaged lots of sewing – that hasn’t quite gone to plan! I’m not complaining though as I have been having a lovely time at home with my family!

A few months ago, my lovely brother bought me this fantastic book on Madeleine Vionnet by Pamela Golbin and I love flicking through it. I love the pictures and the designs, so I thought I would share some of my favourites. (Oh to be able to drape like her…)

(Every white square on this dress is appliqued on!)










Aren’t they beautiful? I just love the use of lace and the diaphonous silhouette….

Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty Exhibition…

Melanie Rickey the editor of Grazia magazine has started an online petition to bring home the Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibition. It’s been picked up today in the comments section of the Evening Standard where they’ve stated that even the V&A are keen to house it!

So if you have a spare minute, show your support and sign this petition.

Image from

This is cut and pasted from the Grazia website because I can’t put it any better than this:


1. Lee Alexander McQueen was born and raised in London by Londoners.

2. He was educated at London’s most famous art school St Martins School of Art, and trained on London’s most famous tailoring street, Saville Row

3. He lived, worked and was largely inspired by London.

4. He began and made his name and career in London

5. He loved London

6. The Alexander McQueen business is based in London, and directed by an English designer.

7. British people want this