Quilts for my Nephews!

Remember the first quilt that I made? I made a quilt for my baby nephew Hugo about four months ago. And I’ve only finally got round to making up the second quilt for Ralphie, the older nephew. Just as well because my sister has come home with the boys to celebrate their birthdays and I can give the quilts to them as birthday presents!

The second quilt is exactly the same design but different fabrics.

The top quilt features more or less the same fabrics but the backing fabric is Japanese Kokka fabric featuring lots of green frogs! My little nephew Ralphie has a favourite bedtime toy which is a frog, so this fabric was perfect when I saw it!

I’m really excited to give this to the boys and I hope they love it!

And now for something not Lingerie related – Hugo’s Quilt…

After my lingerie course, I must admit my sewing mojo took quite a hit. There’s a dress hanging up in my study that just needs hemming, yet I cannot motivate myself to do it… This quilt has been pretty much made since May except all it needed was the binding to be added…

I used a pattern from a Sew Hip issue from last year – but it’s a simple pattern that you could make up yourself – you need five different sized circles and you could trace round pots and pans to get the circles.

It’s really easy but you do need to do a quite a bit of hand sewing to applique all the circles onto the quilt top… I really like the simplicity of this quilt though, it’s modern and fun for a child. I didn’t want a style that would be too fussy or old-fashioned for the boys. The hardest part of all was finding quilting cottons for boys that weren’t too twee and that were fresh and fun.

I think this is an Alexander Henry print – from Fabrics Galore

I started hand quilting the top but realised this would take a long time. (So, quilting traditionalists look away now!) I quilted by machine – my machine has a quilting stitch that if you use invisible thread (monofilament thread) it looks just like a hand stitched running stitch – genius. It’s quilted with different sized circles on top of the circles that are appliqued on with matching threads.

In its unfinished state, I wasn’t particularly motivated to finish it, it looked like a mess. Another Freya disaster! But then I added the trim and somehow it’s been magically transformed into something that I’m quite proud of.

I love this cheeky little backing print! I think it’s a Japanese cotton from somewhere online

And a little handmade label to finish it off!