Paris Haberdashery

A little Trip to Paris…

Last week sort of blew my mind. Going back to work this morning is going to be a crushing blow to reality… I just wish I had some more pictures to show you.


Last week I met some awesome people who love sewing just as much as I do, if not more and spent time doing what we’re good at – Shopping! So, I probably thought I’d been restrained, but hey, who am I kidding?

I shared a bijoux Paris apartment with crazy disco lighting and chandeliers in every room with the fabulous EmmieTillyLauren and Kelly.

I got to meet so many amazing sewcialists/spoolettes/awesome people in general: CarmenNicoleJoostRhiannonJulie JoLisaClare and Tania.

I always get really nervous meeting people who I don’t know and feel really awkward but people were so welcoming and lovely. Just another reason why I love sewing so much!


This trip would not have been possible if it were not for the extraordinary efforts of Carmen who organised personalised goody bags for us all and a discount at the Coupon Shop St Pierre. Plus Julie from Jolie Bobines who took us on a walking trip of Paris. And to Tilly, for if she hadn’t mentioned it to me, I wouldn’t have gatecrashed this trip in the first place!

Thank you to: Maison Sajou, Ma Petite Mercerie, Peace and Wool, La manufacture Bohin,, Atelier Brunette and Coupon Shop St Pierre.

Then to top it all off, more sewing fun on Sunday at Tilly Towers with Tilly, Lauren, Emmie, Roisin, Jane and Karen.

Sunday Sew-in

A photo posted by Tilly Walnes (@tillybuttons) on Nov 11, 2014 at 6:41am PST

Wow, what an awesome week and I feel blessed that I met so many awesome people!

Psychedelic Fabric Giveaway

So I was going to show off another creation…. But guess what? Winter’s here and the light is officially rubbish for taking good photos, so unless I have a chance to do it at the weekends, I just can’t get it done….  Oh yeah, I also can’t take them when I leave my camera on and drain the battery…. but that’s another story 🙂

Oh well, here’s a sneak peek – Any guesses what the pattern is? I’d be impressed if you could guess it from this picture though!


So instead of a completed garment, I’m going to give this away:- Some left over polyester satin fabric that to be honest is far too psychedelic for anything that I would ever make but might bring joy to somebody else (courtesy of my friend Jamie). And whoever wins this lot – I would love to see pictures of what you do actually make with this :-). (Green remnant is roughly 11ocm by 85cm and the black remnant is roughly 145cm x 55cm).

Polyester Satin Print


Lace Banksia

I’ve been on a bit of a monochrome kick lately…

Lace Banksia, Silk and Lace Top

This is my last black and white outfit, I promise! Although I am thinking of making something in grey…. Anyway, today’s offering is technically probably cream or ivory:

Lace Banksia, Silk and Lace Top

This is probably my favourite make for a very long time! Those who know me well, know how much I love lace and silk. I had a genius moment a while back whilst out shopping with my sister at a local antiques barn when I spotted a lace doily being sold for about £3. It was in really good condition and very fine. I looked at it and thought it would be perfect embroidered onto a simple top. And you know what? I think I’m right!

Lace Banksia, Silk and Lace Top

A little while later, I got round to actually making it up and I used the Megan Nielsen Banksia Top pattern as the base and omitted the sleeves. I used the same silk as my previous Banksia top which complimented the cream colour of the lace. I used some ivory bias binding to finish the raw sleeve edges and I French Seamed the interior of the top before simply appliquéing the lace to the top. As there was so much of it, it was a little bit fiddly.

Lace Banksia, Silk and Lace Top

This is one of those tops that looks like it could be very expensive but in reality all it cost me was the £3 for the doily as the silk was a hand-me-down from my grandmother and the binding was also given to me by one of my grandmother’s friends. Yep, at times likes this, I’m a very lucky girl!

Lace Banksia, Silk and Lace TopIn case you’re getting sick of me only wearing jeans…. This is what it looks like tucked into a skirt.

Lace Banksia, Silk and Lace Top Lace Banksia, Silk and Lace Top

Bumblebee Banksia…

Bumblebee Banksia Top, Megan Nielsen Pattern

Ok, so the Megan Nielsen Banksia pattern isn’t a new pattern but it’s kind of new to me. Well who cares? I eventually got round to making it despite it being in my pattern pile for a while.

Bumblebee Banksia Top, Megan Nielsen Pattern

I have to say, the instructions for this pattern were really easy to follow and there are two methods for the placket construction which are really thorough. I hate putting in plackets and buttons in general but I’m actually really impressed with the results of my placket.

Unusually for me, I didn’t alter the length of the top nor adjust the bust and yet the length isn’t too short for me and nor are the bust darts in too weird a position. I wouldn’t normally wing it but on this occasion it seems to have worked out!

The fabric is a pretty little bumblebee print on a fairly thick-ish cotton, it’s probably quilting cotton but it feels softer. With the weather turning, that’s not such a bad thing to be honest as i’m looking for warmer tops.

Bumblebee Banksia Top, Megan Nielsen Pattern

Initially I tried to make the plackets from the same cotton but it was far too thick for the placket. As I’d bought the end of the roll, I didn’t have enough for the collar and used a coordinating cream silk from my stash, which is what I used for the placket too. I’m glad I did because I think it looks really smart. Despite my initial hesitations about the peter pan collar (because generally I don’t really suit cutesy type clothes), I’m actually really liking it!

Bumblebee Banksia Top, Megan Nielsen Pattern
I can definitely see a few more being made in the future…

Another Baby Quilt

Looks like Quilting seems to be my new passion – I assure you, it’s not. It just seems that way.


This is a quick little quilt that I made for my friend’s baby shower. The trickiest part was deciding on colours as it seems most people don’t want to know the sex of their babies until they’re born. Come on people! It makes it harder for us buying/making presents! Ok, ok, I know if I was in that position myself I would be the same….

I wanted a clean, contemporary look to the quilt and knew in my head that I wanted just two colours. Then I ran out and didn’t buy enough, so I put the white sashing in as well.


The wadding is left over bamboo wadding from when I did my king size quilt. I love bamboo wadding, it’s so soft and tactile and it quilts up nicely too. I’d definitely recommend trying it if you haven’t tried it before.

The quilting’s pretty simple as I didn’t want anything overly fussy.


Finally, I put one of my labels in – which to be honest is something I stopped doing a while ago as I’m the only one that sees the clothes that I make. Anyone else find that they initially excitedly bought labels and then just stopped putting them in?






By Hand London Anna Maxi dress

BHL Anna Maxidress…

I’ve been meaning to make up this dress for absolutely ages. I finally did and then lost some weight, so it’s kind of baggy now…. I made this dress up with a lovely black viscose. It’s so drapey and fluid.

By Hand London Anna Maxi dress

I opted to make up the thigh split version with the v neck bodice version. It’s a bit cold to wear it outside now but I’ll definitely be wearing it next summer. I might even make the thigh split a bit more daring as it’s not that high on me as well as taking it in a bit.

Because it’s a little bit baggy, it just looks a bit more matronly than i’d like and is doing something a bit weird at the bust line. So I definitely need to change that!

By Hand London Anna Maxi dress

 (How brown are my arms compared to my ridiculously white and pale legs??)

All in all though, it’s a very quick dress and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that hasn’t tried it yet!
By Hand London Anna Maxi dress