Stripey Tilly Coco Dress

Another Coco!

I love how easy and simple this dress is! And it is the perfect casual, relaxed but still pretty smart dress to wear at the weekends…. Nice and stretchy when stuffing your face with a yummy Sunday Roast in the local pub…. (Yep, I’ve already tried that…)

Anyway, Tilly is a genius for designing the pattern but I think we already knew that… (and if you didn’t – it’s the Coco dress by Tilly and the Buttons).

Stripey Tilly Coco Dress

Oh and if you are wondering where my awesome heels are from, they’re from Clark’s! So comfortable and flattering – seriously I hadn’t been to Clark’s since approximately the last time I needed to buy school shoes. I was pleasantly surprised by their shoes!

Stripey Tilly Coco DressI opted to go without the pockets as I’m naturally an apple shape, pockets that are placed near my midriff do me no favours! The fabric is a striped black and white viscose knit. Not sure if it was double knit or not but it’s fairly stable and quite warm.

Stripey Tilly Coco Dress

(Apologies for the black underwear…)

Floral Elise Patterns Kyoto Kimono

More Kyoto Kimono Tops

Here’s a couple more Kyoto Kimono tops that I’ve made…. (partly because the original short version in pink with zebras on it was sadly stolen on a night out 😦 )

I love these simple kimono tops 🙂 So quick and easy to make! And this is my favourite way of wearing them with skinny jeans and heels.

Floral Elise Patterns Kyoto Kimono

The fabric is a viscose oriental looking print that I picked up in the bargain bin at Simply Fabrics in Brixton. Win!

Floral Elise Patterns Kyoto Kimono

And a lovely navy and blue Japanese looking floral cotton from the same place….


You can get your own copy of the kimono pattern from the Elise Patterns website!


The Wedding Quilt

Those of you that know me and read this blog – know that I am not a natural born quilter… I’d rather be making clothes and underwear but sometimes I get these mad ideas and think I should make a quilt… Because nothing says thoughtful than something handmade and because I always buy off list when it comes to weddings. Because i’m obstinate and refuse to buy that last remaining bale of hand towels or that random pair of egg cups…

Remember my quilting friend Jamie?


As we both sew and learnt how to quilt together we thought it would be a lovely idea to make this quilt together. We settled on a square heart shaped design, bought the fabric and then forgot all about it for 6 months until the week before the wedding.


After spending most of the week putting the quilt together, the morning of the wedding came along and I still hadn’t finished it. I was still trying to make and put the binding on in a mad rush (I was seriously wishing at this point I had one of those Simplicity binding machines). We jumped in the car, got stuck in traffic on the M25 as I manically hand stitched the binding in the car, before rushing into the hotel with 5 minutes to change into our wedding gear before rushing out again and getting to the Church with 5 minutes to spare.

After the wedding ceremony and before the drinks do, we parked down the street to finish cutting off all stray threads and wrap it up nicely and to take a quick photo.


Jamie embroidered this cute little quilt label – (pre-thread snipping picture). This was a wedding blessing that we went to not the actual wedding as that was earlier in the year.


After all that, I am in no hurry to repeat that again….. However, the happy couple seem to love it and took a picture of their new quilt on their bed.


(Fabric was all from Simply Fabrics in Brixton and the backing was a lovely soft double sheet from TK Maxx)










Knippie, Childrenswear, Girl's dress, 09-03-2014

Knippie July 2014 – Little Bird Dress

I’m not in the habit of making things for other people as there never seems to be enough time in the day to do all the things you want to!

The exception of course is for my sister and my beautiful nephews and niece. They seem to be my kryptonite. And whilst I don’t make a habit of making childrenswear, it’s actually kind of fun. It’s quick and pretty easy to do especially if you are a beginner.

Although, I did make life a bit more complicated for myself by borrowing my mum’s basic sewing machine – it’s just never the same as the one you use, it’s like driving a car in a different country on the wrong side of the road!

And then because I wasn’t at home, I didn’t have access to my serger to finish the seams and this being childrenswear – I vaguely remembered everything has to be made for comfort. So I then dismantled the seams and re-did the seams as French seams…. Perhaps I make too much work for myself?

Back to the dress, I picked up the June/July edition of Knippie the last time I was over in the Netherlands.

Knippie, Childrenswear, Girl's dress, 09-03-2014

I flicked through the pages and knew immediately that I wanted to make this little number for my new niece – dress number 9.




Knippie, Childrenswear, Girl's dress, 09-03-2014

This is what it looks like in the line drawing…

Knippie, Childrenswear, Girl's dress, 09-03-2014


My version consisted of some cute bird print fabric and a pale blue and white wavy patterned fabric – both from fabrics galore. I made up the 80cm size and had plenty left over from the 0.5m of fabric that I bought. I love that you can buy more expensive fabric and still have a relative bargain at £10 for 1 dress! :-).

Here’s my niece rocking her new look at her Christening last weekend. And in case you’re asking why I didn’t get a better picture of the dress, i.e. take a picture before she wore it… I left it to the last minute to finish the dress, which will probably surprise nobody.  I could hear the Church bells ringing whilst I was still sewing on the buttons… Seriously, need to get out of doing that!!

Knippie 09-03-2014, Girl's dress Knippie 09-03-2014, Girl's dress

The Story so far…

Howdy Y’all,

I am really pleased to be announcing that I will be launching Elise Patterns, my lingerie sewing pattern business this week at the Makegood Festival which is being held in London between the 29th May to 1st June. It’s a showcase of startup businesses that all took the same business course as me.School for Creative Startups Logo

Nine months ago, I had the privilege of being accepted onto a course run by the School for Creative Startups here in London. I had an idea for a business and not an awful lot else at that point.

My interview consisted of showing the course director my bras and knickers (no, not the ones I was wearing!) I’m not sure he was expecting that! Still makes me giggle to this day.


Nine months later and I’m about to launch my website, my patterns and my business. Ok, I’m pretty terrified. It’s been a lot of hard work and late nights, fitting it in around my day job and other commitments but it’s been worth it. I have learnt so much in the past year from how to build a website to adobe illustrator and indesign, i’m apologising now to all my friends who I may have neglected a little along the way!

But i’ve also met and made new friends with some really lovely people like Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons and Helen from Curious Handmade.

Stretch Knickers, LaceJersey Knickers, Lace

But I’m pretty certain that if I had not taken this course, I would not be where I am now. To be honest, I’d probably still be sitting at home, envious of others that were doing something that they loved. (Seriously, if anyone is reading this and wondering the same, do it, you won’t know until you try!)



Who knows where this will take me but it’s an adventure right? And I’ve always loved adventure. I would love it if you had a few moments and take a look at my new website, perhaps I’ll even persuade you to buy a pattern or two?


And finally but not least, a big thank you to my lovely pattern testers who have helped me out. It’s one of the things that humbles me most in the sewing world is that people give up their free time to help you out.

Silk Knickers


Pattern Testing!


Just a quick post today! I’ve been super busy recently and I cannot wait to show you all what I have been up to! All good things I promise 🙂

I may have developed a few lingerie patterns along the way and am now at the stage where I’d love to get some good honest feedback about them. So, if anyone fancies doing a bit of pattern testing, click on the link below.

I’m looking for a variety of testers really, so having lots of experience isn’t a prerequisite as they are pretty easy peasy patterns I promise!


Pattern Testing Link


So just click on the button above which will take you to a short questionnaire and then I will let you know a little bit more! Thank you!