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Exciting bra related news…

As some of you may be aware, I have a little side business called Elise Patterns. I sell lingerie sewing patterns online. The exciting thing is that I am now branching out and starting to sell lingerie sewing supplies (Big apologies to anyone reading this that has seen me announce this elsewhere on social media or the EP blog, I don’t want to bore you!)

Truth be told, I’m pretty darn excited…. I’ve been working on another pattern for ages and it’s all pattern tested, ready to go. Yet, I’ve stalled a bit on it as i’ve been getting somebody to help me with the graphic design of the pattern before I launch it. And the reason I’ve not had time to finish that yet is the inordinate amount of time I’ve spent researching where to get the best lingerie supplies. Literally for the last three months when i’ve not been in my other day job, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time chatting to different suppliers, tracking down things with completely different names to what I would call them and waiting for samples, so that I could get hold of the best supplies available.

Elise Patterns, Make your own bra kit, brasewing, howtomakebras

Finally, it’s all come together and I’m really happy to announce i’m launching ‘Make your own bra kits’ – to make your own bra with! If you want to know a bit more about them, I’ve written about them on the Elise Patterns blog. Alternatively you could just go and buy them on my website!

(Random trivia fact: If you have a really, really, really good memory you might find that the lace in the bra kit is very similar to one that was on GBSB recently…. It has a different composition but basically it’s the same design.)

Elise Patterns, Make Your Own bra kit, Blue Lace Bra Kit

And if you’re wondering why I continue to have two blogs… I ask myself this question on a regular basis too! But I guess I have to find somewhere to write about how much I loathe making quilts and general boring home decor stuff like curtains. Because, yep you guessed it, whilst there hasn’t been that much selfish sewing going on, I still had to find the time to be a good friend and make a baby quilt and finish a pair of curtains….

Vintage look black and peach tricot bra, Kwik Sew 3594 Bra sewing pattern, bramaking, bra sewing

Ok, so there may have been some selfish sewing going on…. I tried out the Kwik Sew 3594. The lumpiness is caused by the pair of socks filling out the cups! The armless mannequin doesn’t have such an ample bust…


Floral Elise Patterns Kyoto Kimono

More Kyoto Kimono Tops

Here’s a couple more Kyoto Kimono tops that I’ve made…. (partly because the original short version in pink with zebras on it was sadly stolen on a night out 😦 )

I love these simple kimono tops 🙂 So quick and easy to make! And this is my favourite way of wearing them with skinny jeans and heels.

Floral Elise Patterns Kyoto Kimono

The fabric is a viscose oriental looking print that I picked up in the bargain bin at Simply Fabrics in Brixton. Win!

Floral Elise Patterns Kyoto Kimono

And a lovely navy and blue Japanese looking floral cotton from the same place….


You can get your own copy of the kimono pattern from the Elise Patterns website!


The Story so far…

Howdy Y’all,

I am really pleased to be announcing that I will be launching Elise Patterns, my lingerie sewing pattern business this week at the Makegood Festival which is being held in London between the 29th May to 1st June. It’s a showcase of startup businesses that all took the same business course as me.School for Creative Startups Logo

Nine months ago, I had the privilege of being accepted onto a course run by the School for Creative Startups here in London. I had an idea for a business and not an awful lot else at that point.

My interview consisted of showing the course director my bras and knickers (no, not the ones I was wearing!) I’m not sure he was expecting that! Still makes me giggle to this day.


Nine months later and I’m about to launch my website, my patterns and my business. Ok, I’m pretty terrified. It’s been a lot of hard work and late nights, fitting it in around my day job and other commitments but it’s been worth it. I have learnt so much in the past year from how to build a website to adobe illustrator and indesign, i’m apologising now to all my friends who I may have neglected a little along the way!

But i’ve also met and made new friends with some really lovely people like Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons and Helen from Curious Handmade.

Stretch Knickers, LaceJersey Knickers, Lace

But I’m pretty certain that if I had not taken this course, I would not be where I am now. To be honest, I’d probably still be sitting at home, envious of others that were doing something that they loved. (Seriously, if anyone is reading this and wondering the same, do it, you won’t know until you try!)



Who knows where this will take me but it’s an adventure right? And I’ve always loved adventure. I would love it if you had a few moments and take a look at my new website http://www.elisepatterns.com, perhaps I’ll even persuade you to buy a pattern or two?


And finally but not least, a big thank you to my lovely pattern testers who have helped me out. It’s one of the things that humbles me most in the sewing world is that people give up their free time to help you out.

Silk Knickers


Pattern Testing!


Just a quick post today! I’ve been super busy recently and I cannot wait to show you all what I have been up to! All good things I promise 🙂

I may have developed a few lingerie patterns along the way and am now at the stage where I’d love to get some good honest feedback about them. So, if anyone fancies doing a bit of pattern testing, click on the link below.

I’m looking for a variety of testers really, so having lots of experience isn’t a prerequisite as they are pretty easy peasy patterns I promise!


Pattern Testing Link


So just click on the button above which will take you to a short questionnaire and then I will let you know a little bit more! Thank you!