Instagram Flash Sale, Elise Patterns

Flash Instagram Sale on Saturday!

Instagram Flash Sale,  Elise Patterns

Date: Saturday 14th Feb
Time: 12 noon GMT
Hashtag: #Freyasflashsale

A little announcement just to let you all know I’m going to be having a flash sale of patterns and fabric on Saturday! (I’ve never done this, so this could end up being a complete disaster!)

I’m putting up a range of things from my stash – mostly vintage sewing patterns and fabric as I’m hoping to raise funds for my business (Elise Patterns) to enable me to get the next stage of my business under way. (Oh, and you’ll be freeing up space in my flat!)

It’s pretty simple really – just follow me on instagram (/elisepatterns) and when you see something you like – message me or comment and let me know if you want to buy something!

Pattern Sale, Instagram Sale, vintage sewing patterns

Here’s a little preview of the vintage sewing patterns available – mostly 60s, 70s and 80s

All the pictures will have the same hashtag, so it will be easy to see what’s coming up.

Please share this post or tweet details of the flash sale to as many people as you know
🙂 thanking you kindly in advance.

Instagram Flash sale, #Freyasflashsale, vintage fabric

Here’s a little preview of the vintage fabric on offer – there’s quite a bit of high quality silk, in good lengths and if the colours don’t immediately grab you, don’t forget silk takes dye beautifully!

Please note: the person buying will need to cover the cost of shipping. Pricing of items are open to best offers/or nearest offer (ono).

Instagram sale, #Freyasflashsale, vintage bias binding

Class Update

I’ve been so busy recently that I just haven’t had the time or the inclination to blog…

I am loving the sewing class that I am taking! Whilst initially I was a little disparaging about it, being mostly self taught I thought the first few lessons were basic. However, I take it ALL back – what I am definitely taking away is having more patience and learning to do things the right way.

I am working on Colette Pattern’s Ceylon – I’ve sewn up my toile and had a couple of fittings in it. And now I am ready to cut it out – but I am not sure I have enough fabric (oh dear! Guess that’s the problem with vintage finds!)

I’ve taken the pleats out of the back because it was unflattering on me. I am taking out some of the fullness at the sides and shortening the dress as well…. And I am thinking of being very naughty when it comes to the button holes… Full details to follow!